Going biking with Donny.

Now Donny is one of my friends that enjoys biking. He is a budding photographer and is in highschool. Here are some photos he took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, we also took these two pictures:

Now if you look carefully, the first picture says no bicycles… And the second picture explains it all…

Ok, to tell the truth, we didn’t ride our bicycles on the bridge, because that would be illegal. We just lifted our bikes the whole way until the bridge ended. Now on the way back, there was like a former train pathway. All there was left of it were occasional¬†wooden bumps on the path, but neither of us noticed them. They were on a small downhill, so on the way down we almost got thrown out of our seats. To be fair, the trail was very easy until then so that’s my excuse of why I didn’t pay attention.

In conclusion, we saw a lot of beautiful scenery, and also learned something, that I should always pay attention to the trail.


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